The NUP party secretary general, David Lewis Rubongoya has penned down a touching letter to his principal, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine who is still under imposed house arrest in Magere.

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To you, Mr. President,

You have defied the odds!

You have inspired a generation and captivated a nation.

You have become a beacon of hope, for a hopeless nation.

You have caused the young to dream, and the old to dream again.

You have carried on your back a burden of the people’s struggle, and done so with rare courage, commitment and fortitude.

You have been harassed, brutalised and traumatised. On the campaign trail, you saw friends and comrades maimed and murdered. You saw Dan Magic lose teeth in a split second, and Frank lose life in an instant. As you reported the death of Frank to the world, the world saw how this responsibility weighs heavily on you. “I don’t know what to tell the parents of these young people who are killed”, you said, amidst sobs from those who gathered around. I have seen you in the studio working on a song, and wishing Nubian Li was there to energise you. Yet, alongside countless other comrades, Nubian still lives under lock and key, for no crime whatsoever. You have been humiliated. You have been betrayed. You have been isolated. As I write this, you cannot leave the precincts of your home, simply for running for the highest office in the land.

YET IN ALL THIS, amidst all these indignities and challenges, you have kept your head and remained true to your call. Anyone could give up, but you have remained steadfast. Even when you’ve come to the wall and there is wailing all over, you have called us to a short prayer and encouraged us to march on. Byabakama may not have announced you President-Elect, but Ugandans know that you won, because you won their hearts.

I am certainly very honored to work alongside you, as we struggle to redeem our nation from the fangs of violence and oppresion.

May God bless you and keep you. May God shine His face on you and your family. May God grant that you lead us to a New Uganda.

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