The Uganda People’s Defence Forces has this afternoon sentenced at least Seven(7) military officers following yesterday’s assault on Journalists. The sentenced are;
1. Capt Jessy Odwenyi
2.Cpl Nimusiima Justine
3.Pte Wasswa Peter
4.Pte Tsame Imran
5.Pte Kisakye Victoria
6.Pte Opiyo Isaac
7.L/cpl Zirimenya Kassim

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Ugandans have however contested the trial saying that it is all done as a cover up for the real operation manager who commandeered the degrading raid on the pressmen and women who were doing their work.

“We want to understand why the commander of the raid is exonerated from the trial,” one Facebook commenter said in reaction to the UPDF social media post. “We are used to their scripts and we know all this is being done just to cool the fuming hearts of Ugandans. But for how long will they keep apoligising,” another Ugandan added.

It should be remembered that Capt. Richard Lubeera who ordered the clobbering of Makerere University students strike in November 2019 has todate never faced justice.

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