US President Joe Biden has applauded the President of Kenya for exhibiting exemplary leadership in the region.

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The call comes amid protests from the US which has todate declined to congratulate Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni who reclaimed a sixth term in an election mired with irregularities.

“Kenyatta’s leadership in the Horn of Africa has been exceptional,” Biden told Kenyatta in his first phone call. “I affirm strong U.S-Kenya bilateral relations in my term of presidency. My administration will work hand in hand with Nairobi to ensure that we jointly sweep out terrorism from the East African region,” Biden added.

Biden’s call comes barely hours after the US department of state ordered for an audit into the Ugandan polls which they claim was tainted with irregularities, repression against the opposition and attacks on the press. The US department of state also called for sanctions on some members who were directly involved in the electoral malpractices.

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