Sunday night, the National Unity Platform party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine who has just vied for presidency gave an address to the nation. In his address, Bobi addressed a string of questions being asked by the public.

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“Many people are missing. Many people have been tortured very badly but they fear to speak out. Their associates say they were gravely intimidated. I urge people to speak out because it’s one of the ways we can stop these abductions,” Bobi retorted.

He added that its shameful that President Museveni Yoweri Kaguta imposed night curfew which isn’t helping Ugandans in anyway but rather a Political curfew.

“As a person that grew up in the ghetto, there is something called a night economy. Museveni has imposed a political curfew. Many businesses are halted. During day time, towns are packed. He can’t explain how curfew is helping in the covid-19 fight,” Bobi Wine explains.

He stressed that their struggle is still on to reclaim their grabbed victory (like he calls it) through non violent means.
Quoting Museveni’s book, MP Bobi Wine said: “What else can one do when gov’t has closed all ways of peaceful change? Adding that: “We’re tired, hungry, angry and oppressed; but we still have brains and are non violent. We chose not to use violence and we are innocent.”

The NUP principal urged his confidants to desist from any form of indiscipline which According to him works better for Mr Museveni to outsmart them.
“Avoid maligning and tainting characters and personalities within the struggle. Discipline must be exercised at all levels. Once we ain’t disciplined, it works for the dictator.  All those practicing this MUST STOP.” Bobi Wine.

He also asked religious, political and cultural leaders to embrace the call for Change in leadership since it will benefit all.
“I am calling you upon leaders, cultural, religious, political parties and others that they should not leave the struggle for NUP, it is a call for all of us, because the change will benefit us all,” Bobi Wine said.

Kyagulanyi was not hesitant to add that its unfortunate to find out that Museveni borrowed money in guise of COVID-19 and rather ended up using it in electioneering.
“Mr. Museveni borrowed a lot of money under the guise of managing Covid19 pandemic but he ended up using all the money in his campaign and to perpetuate himself as a president for life,” Bobi Wine.

Although NUP decries massive voter rigging in the January 14th election, President Museveni in a parallel address pinpointed at them (NUP) for having done the most vote rigging especially in Central region.

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