EU recalled Its ambassador to Tanzania over Magufuli’s LBGT Crackdown.

Magufuli Skipped the UN General Assembly!

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Magufuli denounced UN human rights report.

Magufuli banned all foreign trips for public servants.

Magufuli deported UNDP CR Head.

Magufuli deported Head of EU Delegate to Tanzania.

European Union Stopped its Financial Support to Tanzania.

Magufuli Denounced EU-East African Trade Deal as a form of Neocolonialism.

European Union declares Magufuli a Dictator.

Magufuli Refuses to bow to New World Order.

Magufuli refuses to put Tanzania under WHO Covid-19 guidelines.

Magufuli declares COVID-19 a Scam.

Magufuli refuses to Take Loans and grants from World bodies to deal with Covid-19.

Magufuli Welcomes Madagascar’s traditional Vaccine for covid.

Magufuli refuses that Tanzania will not order or buy any Covid -19 Vaccine from the West or anywhere.

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