With more injustices continuing to be imposed on supporters of the National Unity Platform party, Buganda road court has this morning denied bail to at least 43 of the party members.

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The lawyer for the accused, Counsel Shamim Malende prayed before the Buganda road court trial magistrate that the suspects obtain bail given that they had spent too much time in custody and that some needed urgent medical attention. Her prayer however was turned down by the biased magistrate on grounds that if granted bail, ‘the accused would again spearhead protests’.

Some of the NUP supporters appearing before the Buganda road court this Tuesay morning

The suspects are accused of masterminding peaceful protests in Kampala and Wakiso. They were a week back arrested and some abducted from their homes during a security crackdown launched on the orders of the Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Paul Lokech who is known as ‘Lion of Mogadishu’ following his military operations on Al Shabaab militants.

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