The rate at which the Catholic church is mysteriously losing its prominent clerics is worrying which is why in our OP-ed, we’ve decided to delve deep into the puzzle and understand the unknown facts. Earlier this very year, the Minister for presidency Esther Mbayo pelted blames at the Catholic church which she accused of influencing the poor performance of the NRM party as she stressed that clerics campaigned for Bobi Wine and NUP.

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Minister Mbayo: Catholic church, Mengo supported Bobi Wine and NUP

Rtd Archbishop John Baptist Kaggwa dies

Earlier this very year, the Retired Masaka Archbishop John Baptist Kaggwa who had planned to host opposition leader Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform party was pronounced dead in a mysterious way. His death came just after he had criticised the brutality meted out on him and the Buffalo clan elders (Mbogo) in Mityana when the unruly DPC Alex Mwiine Mukono descended on the gathering and distorted it with teargas that was indiscriminately fired. The Retired Catholic Archbishop would later receive a delegation of police chiefs led by the political commisar Asan Kasingye who came with a message of ‘remorse’ from the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola. A face mask was given to the retired Archbishop as a gesture of regret and a month later he died under unclear circumstances though whistleblowers to-date believe this police face mask was laced with poison. Consequently, disgruntled Catholics in the Masaka region made a protest vote in favour of Bobi Wine and all NUP candidates at all elective levels.

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Archbishop Lwanga dies

The death of the Kampala Archbishop has still left many in shock. His Friday final public appearance is what makes the public remain in total disbelief that a man who was full of life and even led the way of the cross is no more. In his final moments, Dr. Lwanga had declined to attend the inter religious council meeting that took place in the midweek at State house Entebbe. He even denounced the state brutality and appealed to the president to unconditionally release all political prisoners. Little did he know that these statements would perhaps lead him to trouble. The Catholic church was this year accused by government for abetting Bobi Wine’s popularity in the general elections. The Minster for presidency Esther Mbayo in her post election remarks attributed NRM’s poor performance in the 2021 polls to the catholic church.

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