Renowned LGBTQ rights activist and faded politician, Dr. Stella Nyanzi is under fire following a backlash from native Kenyans who have dissented from her advocacy for same sex relationships.

Nyanzi who earlier acted whistleblower on the tragedy in which a refugee was set alight for allegedly indulging in same sex acts. Nyanzi posted on Tuesday revealing the arsonist raid on the camp that left the culprit dead. She says the post fired back as she remains threatened by anonymous callers and people on social media.

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By Stella Nyanzi

Last night I briefly shared the sad news of the death of a refugee who was burnt along with several others in Block 13 of Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. I am still shocked by many of the responses.

Horribly evil human beings responded by condemning the dead victim because of his sexual orientation. They mocked him and celebrated that a homosexual was murdered. They said he deserved to be burnt to death. They boasted about how they would burn many more. They even threatened to deport me from Kenya because I defend the human rights of even homosexual people. This is HOMOPHOBIA!

Another horribly evil group of human beings commanded me to be quiet because I am a foreigner seeking refuge in Kenya. They ordered me to politely stay in my place lest they would withdraw their hospitality to me in their country. They forced me to be grateful that refugees have taken advantage of Kenya’s relative peace to seek refuge here for many many many years. They threateningly reminded me that the Kenyan government closed Kakuma and Dadaab camps and ordered all refugees to be withdrawn. They told me to go back home if I found Kenya hostile. This is XENOPHOBIA!

And the horribly evil Ugandans just outdid themselves by combining homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, tribalism, ethnicism, and a deep hatred for me because I hold different beliefs and values to some of them. All these sentiments were freely expressed on my timeline and in my in-box as threats, shaming, mockery, insults, and dismissals.

AND because of all of that evil ugliness displayed on my timeline, I am devoting one week to highlighting the plight and stories of refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp on my timeline here. I am speaking out against the xenophobia and homophobia that refugees face in that camp! Thank you Victor Mukasa for highlighting the urgent need to take action to #freeblock13kakuma.

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