For a very long time there have been speculations about Yoweri Museveni manipulating and playing tribes or countries against each other ,that they go on war for him to fulfill his selfish interests. However there has not been any concrete evidence how the Ugandan dictator who has ruled the East African country with an iron fist for over 35 years has been able to pull off such white color crimes under the watch of the U.S.
Recently our investigation team went on a dig out for information, they landed on reports sent to the Washington:
whether, without knowing or escape-goating the African American professor, former Washington administrator under the Bush administration Jendayi Frazer wrote a report detailing the dealings of Yoweri Museveni with his counter parts of Somali, Eritrea, DRC, Rwanda, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan and Central Africa Republic….

“Former Africa Bureau Assistant Secretary Jendayi Frazer met with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on September 5 2007 and this what she wrote in her report..”

” Another problem in Somalia was Eritrea, according to Museveni. He described his visit with President Isaias Aforkwi in March and said that although the two promised to talk, they had not communicated since. Museveni said President Isaias was preoccupied with trying to unseat Meles. That was all Isaias talked about, yet Museveni observed that Meles did not appear to be in any less control of Ethiopia despite Isaias, actions. Museveni told A/S Frazer that Isaias needed to be talked to by the members of the U.N. Security Council who carry a big stick. Museveni claimed that Eritrea continued to infiltrate weapons into Somalia and said that Isaias needed to be intimidated. Museveni argued that the UNSC should consider a blockade or sanctions if Eritrea does not listen. If Isaias was controlled and Somali groups cut off from him, the situation could stabilize. A/S Frazer told Museveni that the U.S. was considering options, ranging from designation as harboring terrorists to drying up financial support, against Eritrea. The U.S. was trying to persuade the Somali parliamentarians in Eritrea to leave before they associated with terrorist elements who sought refuge there. This would be important to establishing credentials as a legitimate opposition. She asked if Uganda would be willing to accept those parliamentarians that chose to leave Eritrea. Museveni agreed and explained that the wife of former warlord Aideed was still living in Uganda. Museveni,s only condition was that TFG President Yusuf must have no objection. A/S Frazer said that any such arrangement would be worked on in consultation with key players in the political process….”

Yoweri Museveni took advantage of the differences between Eritrea and Ethiopia to manipulate them to a serious cold War. He set Eritrea against Ethiopia, that Eritrea intensified on the funding of Alshabab, military wing of the Somali Federal Clan managed government, in Somalia that didn’t like the Ethiopia American backed policy. These groups went on rampage bombing Mogadishu. Using this chance ,Yoweri Museveni built an opportunity to send over 1500 troops to Somalia hence making billions of dollars from Washington. But the war in Somalia could have been avoided if he wasn’t involved.
According to conflict resolution scholars, there is a tress of evidence that link Yoweri Museveni to the 2010 Kampala bombing that claimed over 80 souls. When the Obama administration resumed office in Washington D.C in 2008, Yoweri Museveni was put under scrutiny. The US was concerned with the way he handled things in Uganda. There was growing opposition in the parliament about the presence of Ugandan troops in Somalia. From the scholarly point of view, Yoweri Museveni was directly or knew about the move to bomb Kampala. Indeed after the bombs were set off, the parliamentarians backed off from opposing the stay of the UPDF in Mogadishu.

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