Latest developments from the internal court of justice indicate that the Government of Uganda led by bush war militant, Gen. Yoweri Museveni has pleaded for an out of court settlement with the DRC.

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This follows the revival of the 2005 case in which the same court directed Uganda to pay the war reparations worth $10b following the destructive tendencies exhibited by the Ugandan forces during the 1998-2003 war in which president Laurnt Kabila had lobbied for military assistance from her neighbours.

Much damage by Museveni and his soldiers was inflicted on the mineral rich Ituri province where Gen. Salim Saleh led the loot of timber and gold.

DRC’s representative Paul-Crispin Kakhozi Bin-Bulongo told the ICJ that the damage caused by Uganda was of “incommensurate magnitude”.

Gen. Museveni who is also implicated in the loot has prayed for an out of court settlement and trusted sources already reveal that he is engaging president Felix Tshisekedi to be considerate.

The case was first brought in court in 1999 and in 2005, a verdict was given where Uganda was directed to pay war reparations worth $10b for violating the international law. Court also said Kinshasa violated the same law when her troops invaded the Ugandan embassy.

Court had okayed an outside settlement but in 2015, DRC returned to court citing slow response by Kampala.

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