In a twist of events, Government through the Finance Ministry on Friday announced that it was to replace the proposed motor vehicle and Boda Boda tax with a UGX 100 per litre tax. The initial taxes was to see motor vehicle owners pay UGX 200,000 per annum while their Boda Boda counterparts were to pay a fee worth UGX 50,000 per annum.

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Te taxes on fuel however show that Government shall instead reap more than the earlier intended tax. Our reporter calculates for you the figures which reflect that indeed, the people will instead be exploited than before.

The vehicle licence fees was actually Better than 100/= tax on a litre of fuel
Look, a motorbike consumes about 2 litres of fuel on average daily meaning the average tax is 200/= perday which id multiplied by 365days makes it 73,000/= ,this is an increase of 23,000/= or 48% from the 50,000/= which was initially proposed on the license fees.

A car on the other hand consumes 20,000/=(5 litres) on average daily meaning the daily tax is 1,000/= making 365,000/= ,This is an increment of 165,000/=( 76% ) from the initial 200,000/=

Ugandans have actually lost this battle and their MPs are more than determined to pass the oppressive fuel tax and abandon the annual licence fees.

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