Moments after the leakage of the horrendous ordeal of Bobi Wine’s singing partner, Buken Ali aka Nubian Li who is incarcerated in Kitalya prisons, the media have contacted the spokesperson, Frank Baine to give his account.

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In the latest developments, it has been revealed that Nubian Li who spoke to the parliamentary human rights committee on behalf of all political prisoners has been undergoing routine torture by prisons officers. It is said he was isolated on the orders of the OC of Kitalya known as Mr. Bitariho Onesmus.

However, efforst to reach Baine for a comment turned fruitless after he overtly told off the media that he does not care anymore about what NUP supporters are undergoing in Kitalya. “You have failed to know that this is all politics at play. Why are you so interested in the NUP prisoners? Aren’t there other prisoners serving different sentences?,” Baine fumed. “I am sick and tired of everything to do with NUP. If you want to know anything please go to court. Everything is in court and I don’t want to talk about NUP anymore. Whether Nubian Li is tortured or not, I don’t care anymore,” he fumed before he hang up the phone call.

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