The National Unity Platform party secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya says all those people trolling the musician turned politician for ‘failing’ to unseat the dictator on the stipulated time, are either green about the struggle or misinformed.

“Some people ask us, “What new thing did Bobi Wine bring to Uganda’s politics?” Our answer is always simple. Bobi Wine brought those who the world despised to the steering wheel of the political discourse in Uganda. There was a time when politics was a preserve of the politicians. There was a time when ordinary citizens did not have any confidence to even talk about their country. There was a time when politics was only discussed in Parliament. There was a time when Bobi Young, a former ice cream seller, was considered unworthy to even discuss the destiny of his country,” writes David Lewis Rubongoya.

“Today, Bobi Young and hundreds others like him are political prisoners because they were awakened to realise their potential. Their involvement in politics sent shockwaves across the regime. The regime with all its guns and tankers could not stand them out and about. The only solution was to abduct them, brutalise them, and imprison them. I am convinced beyond doubt that in the end, these ordinary patriots will have the last laugh. We only need to keep marching forward, and never move backwards. Uganda will be free,” another bit of his missive reads.

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