A piece written close to a decade back shows Ugandan dictator, Gen
Yoweri Museveni who is bracing for a 4 decade rule lied about Libya in his inauguration speech on Wednesday.

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The boastful 77 year old dictator who is the 4th on the African continent in the league of long reigning presidents bragged how he was mobilizing military support from other presidents to counteract what he termed as aggressors in a veiled reference to NATO forces that bombarded Libyan troops in 2011.

However, a well researched Wikileaks piece reflects the otherwise. In fact, it depicts the current Museveni as a pathological liar as compared to his former honest self when he revealed he was not in good terms with Tripoli. The Wikileaks piece shows Gen. Museveni feared Libyan airspace and in fact suspected that his presidential jet would be gunned down if he passed through the skies of the oil rich Saharan nation.

In an excerpt sourced from the Wikileaks story, the Museveni at the 2021 inaugural speech is projected far different from the one of June, 2008. This is what Museveni said about Gaddafi when interviewed in 2008.


President Museveni said Libyan President Gaddafi “is a problem” for the continent and is pushing for the creation of a “United States of Africa” to be governed by one president. Museveni thought Gaddafi’s plan is neither feasible nor desirable, given cultural and linguistic differences across the continent.
Rather than the development of a unitary African state, Museveni said he is pushing Gaddafi and other African leaders to develop regional political federations and markets that support common objectives.
Museveni indicated to Frazer that Gaddafi continues to “intimidate” small African countries through bribes and other pressure.

As a result of Libya’s actions, small West African countries have been afraid to participate fully or speak out during international meetings at the United Nations, African Union, and other forums.

Museveni noted that tensions with Gaddafi are growing and as a result, and he worries that Gaddafi will attack his plane while flying over international airspace.
Museveni requested that the USG and GOU coordinate to provide additional air radar information when he flies over international waters.

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