Relatives of the group of youthful supporters of the National Unity Platform party who were abducted from Kawempe on the eve of Museveni inauguration have implicated the CMI boss, Abel Kandiho as the mastermind.

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The group of youths was convened by a high profile Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) officer who deceived them that plans were underway to supply them with financial assistance to aid their small scale businesses. It later turned out a trap that the unsuspecting youths fell in. “One officer collected their contacts and called them to convene at some hotel. They had been promised some money as capital for their businesses,” says Matovu, one of the Kawempe locals. “Moments later, the gate was closed and security drones appeared and collected all the young people. Todate, we can hardly have a trace of not even their own shadows,” he adds.

When reached to give his account of the events, the Kawempe DPC declined any knowledge of the operation. “These may be clandestine military operations. The police has no hand,” he said. “I’m not authorized to say anything about that particular matter,” he added.

Residents have however decried police reluctance to meddle into the issue and offer investigations. “When we go to file cases of missing persons, we are chased away,” Nakimuli, a wife to one of the missing youths says. “The police officers say they cannot record any case involving abduction. The moment they hear the word drone, they decline to enter the case,” emotionally adds the mother of two.

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