The outgoing opposition leadership of the Forum for Democratic Change has rallied the National Unity Platform party to forget about anything like an alliance and pursue their own agenda. The revelation was made in a controversial tweet made by the FDC on Tuesday.

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The tweet comes at a critical time when the FDC faces public backlash over failure to embrace unity with other opposition forces. The FDC which has led the liberation front for over 20 years is accused of perceiving the struggle as its monopoly. Senior political analysts like Juma, a political science lecturer at Kampala University says FDC cannot be happy with NUP having lost grip of the office of LOP from which they have been making some money. “Politics is a game of selfish interests. You can’t expect FDC to be happy with NUP after losing the LOP office,” says the political scientist. “But again FDC is exposing itself as a party driven by envy. They need to concede and join hands with NUP for the good of the people they purport to be fighting for,” he adds.

In the controversial tweet, FDC made it clear that they shall not go into any alliance with NUP. The statement comes at a time when Gen. Museveni broke the secrets of how he has been secretly engaging leaders in the FDC.

Controversial tweet by FDC

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