The government of Uganda is considering a reinvigoration of the tough lockdown measures as a precautionary step to curtail the spread of the UK and India variant, this site has learnt.

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The move has been hatched by the permanent secretary for the Ministry of health, Dr. Diana Atwiine who on May, 27 authored a letter to the president tasking him to constitute a new covid taskforce and impose tough covid restrictions. In her letter, Atwiine says there are very many cases being registered daily in the capital, Kampala which has turned out to be an epicentre.

“We should go back to the lockdown since people are now complacent about the existence of the virus. People are disregarding SOPs yet the virus is spiralling,” she told the media on Wednesday. “I have written to the president tasking him to revive the tough lockdown measures so we can reduce the spread of this variant. We don’t have sufficient oxygen cylinders in our hospitals and we wouldn’t wish to have a situation like that of India,” she added.

Dr. Atwiine letter to the president lobbying for a total lockdown

A section of Ugandans have however flooded Dr. Atwiine’s social media platforms protesting her lobbied lockdown. “We know she wants to complete her apartments or construct a new mall but can’t she do that without using the poor public as a scapegoat,” fumed one Twitter user. “When you see Atwiine starting this, just know her bank accounts have run dry. It’s a money heist as usual,” comments another user.

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