Dear Forum for Democratic Change party, the once leading front liners for the liberation struggle for close to two decades of bloodshed that left an undocumented number of citizens dead.

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We have lately seen you launch a series of verbal attacks on the leadership of the National Unity Platform party for constituting its own MPs to be at the forefront of the minority government in the eleventh parliament. Well, this is where our pivotal point shall hinge. We’ve seen most of your bloggers and politicians scoff at NUP for appointing what you termed as amateurs. You went ahead to cite out Joel Ssenyonyi (Nakawa West MP) and Hon. Zaake Francis (Mityana municipality) as inexperienced people that can’t handle COSASE and parliament commission respectively.

Well, for starters you are for all the past 20 years renowned for leading a self centred struggle where you could not even incorporate MPs from other parties into your minority government. But NUP has staged a huge challenge by incooperating the Hon. Lucy Akello (Amuru MP of FDC) into the minority government structures. But for FDC on the other hand, all MPs who have been serving in the office of LOP have been strictly FDC members. In other words FDC has never embraced anything like working with other opposition fronts even when they have players who can fit in different committees and slots.

You have talked about experience as a key factor to be premised on when making an appointment. Well, we ask ‘who was born with that experience?’. When Hon. Francis Mwijukye of Buhweju county was still a bouncer of four time presidential candidate Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, did he ever expect to be a commissioner of parliament at one point? What did he have back then that Hon. Zaake has at the moment? What experience did Hon. Mubarak Munyagwa have when he led COSASE that Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi does not have? We think now is the time to bury the hatchet and work with one another if the opposition is to have a fruitful struggle.

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