The permanent secretary to the Ministry of Health, Dr. Diana Atwiine is in tears after her ally, Gen. Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni declined to adhere to the proposal of implementing another lockdown.

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On Saturday night during his covid briefing, Gen. Museveni declined to impose another lockdown even when his team of scientists led by Dr. Diana Atwiine had made recommendations to place the ‘complacent’ general public under total lockdown. Sources say a serious argument ensued on Friday evening when Gen. Museveni openly told off Atwiine that he would not agree to lockdown the country citing a fragile economic situation.

Museveni who also runs a chain of businesses in the economy says a lockdown will directly affect him too. “We gave a you a full year to control the spread of the virus and you failed to deliver,” an aide to Gen. Museveni told Atwiine. “We are from elections and people need to work and recover. The economy is not in a perfect shape. We cannot afford to lockdown again. Even food to distribute to the affected communities is not available,” the aide added.

However, a close friend to Dr. Atwiine says she is heavily indebted and hence seeks more funding to complete her apartments in Ntinda and Mbarara. “Her Ntinda apartments are incomplete and she has debts at the Mbarara site too,” her ally says. “The engineers are on her neck. They keep making phone calls asking for building materials,” the source adds.

On Saturday night by closure of the address, Museveni made it clear that he would not lockdown the country as proposed by Atwiine. He urged her to reach out to Gen. Saleh if she wants a financial bailout. “Go to my young brother to sort your bills,” Museveni is quoted to have told Atwiine during a state house meeting in Nakasero on Friday.

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