Days after featuring in screaming newspaper headlines putting them to account for how they have successfully hobnobbed with a person they purport to be opposition, the former opposition leaders dubbed Forum for Democratic Change have today in a presser rebutted to the public concerns.

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Speaking from the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the FDC Deputy spokesperson, John Kikonyogo particularly opposed the findings by The Observer paper which in an exclusive report disclosed how the party has financially sustained their 2020 year struggle. In the findings, the FDC big wigs were implicated in backdoor politics as many have all along turned the opposition into a gig. The Observer also established that FDC has been sourcing all its wealth directly from the state for instance some candidates like the former Kamuli woman MP hopeful, Salaamu Musumba were directly funded by Gen. Salim Saleh. Harold Kaija, the deputy party secretary general has also just graduated with a Master’s degree in economics on a state house scholarship.

The Observer newspaper implicating the FDC party in backdoor politics for survival

Here is the FDC rebuttal;


We have read with grave concern allegations leveled against the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in the Observer news paper issue of June 2-8 under a shouting headline article, ‘How Museveni Infiltrated FDC’, and wish to state that the story is devoid of supported facts, rife with allegations and totally misleading. We therefore would like to put the record straight as follows:

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