The spokesperson of the NRM government, Gabriel Ofwono Opondo Opodel has commended the elite presidential guard dubbed Special Forces Command for using what he termed as reasonable force to tame ‘rowdy’ supporters of the then People Power movement. An unapologetic Ofwono made the remarks on Thursday night during the NBS Frontline show where he was rebutting to questions posed over the current state of security in the country.

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According to Ofwono Opondo, Yasin Kawuuma, a former driver to Bobi Wine was killed when he attended a political rally where the head of state, Gen. Yoweri Museveni was threatened by the violent conduct of a mob that charged at him. “Kawuuma was killed after a campaign rally in Arua,” Ofwono said. “The army which shot and killed Kawuuma did not have any criminal intent,” he added.

Yasin Kawuuma’s body lies lifeless after being shot by SFC in te aftermath of the Arua byelection in 2018

Opondo also says that similar analysis should be applied in the November shootings where the security forces went on rampage and shot indiscriminately at civilians who were unarmed. “The Ugandans who were killed in the November protests are to blame. I don’t think the army had any criminal intent when shooting at these rioters,” he added.

Opondo also lashed out at the Busiro East legislator Medard Lubega Ssegona for allegedly ethnicizing and politicizing the killings. “He wants to show that it is only the Baganda being shot which is not the case,”Opondo remarked.

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