President Yoweri Museveni in his Sunday televised address announced a return to the partial lockdown citing soaring cases within the population as he accused Ugandans of reluctantly abandoning the covid guidelines. President Museveni listed a chain of sectors that have been earmarked as hotspots of the virus. Museveni says these areas are to undergo a lockdown with immediate effect.

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New Covid Guidelines;
1. All schools should close for 42 days beginning 7th June 2021 at 8 am.
2. All teachers to be vaccinated before schools are open.

3. All places of worship closed for 42 days. Online prayers, preaching, and summons are allowed to operate.

4. Public or cultural gatherings except for the legislature, cabinet, and the executive are suspended for 42 days.

5. The known agricultural activities should continue to operate, large plantations, hotels, supermarkets, factories should work with observance of sops.

6. Marriage ceremonies and all other mass gathering are only allowed with 20 people under strict observance of sop’s

7. House parties are strictly banned and this will be enforced without fail.

8. Weekly known food markets are suspended for 42 days and the monthly cattle auctioning markets.

9. All buses traveling inter-district are suspended from the tenth of June. All inter distinct travel is banned. Only cargo trucks for food, cargo, should move, registered tourists vehicles, essential and emergency vehicles will continue.

10. Sports events should only operate under strict sop’s (without spectators).

11. All public places are directly asked to ensure good hygiene and enforcement of sops.

12. Institutions and organization to have persons to check compliance with

13. Private vehicles are allowed between districts and should carry three people including the driver. Ambulance and garbage vehicles are allowed to continue working.

14. Shopping arcades to close at 7 pm with exceptions on pharmacies which shall operate until the curfew time.

15. Food markets should continue operating.

16. Saloons, lodges without bars should operate till 7 pm.

17. Factories, construction sites should operate under sops.

18. Boda Bodas are allowed to work up to 6 pm with one passenger.

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