Sad news coming in from Kayunga indicates that the Local Council district boss, Muhammad Ffefeka Sserubogo is no more. According to local reports, the deceased was found hanging by a tree to insinuate that he committed suicide, a thing that residents dispute strongly. The village residents of Kyebanja, Kayunga say they saw the deceased in the early morning hours when he went for prayers.

Posters of the deceased NUP Kayunga district LCV boss

“It cannot be suicide at all,” Mukiibi, a local of Kayunga retorts. “This may be a well coordinated mission by his enemies,” he adds. Another resident known as Kimbugwe says he last spoke to the deceased in the night. The deceased has been a member of the Nationl Unity Platform. His last public appearance was when he was at a TV show as per his brother called Lubega Ismael. The deceased has been an outspoken advocate of the Buganda land issues.

Bobi reacts;

This morning we woke up to incredibly sad and shocking news of the sudden death of our NUP Member and Chairman for Kayunga District Local Government, comrade Ffeffekka Serubogo Muhammad. He was found hanging on a tree. For now we are getting mixed messages from the people on ground, with many saying he might have been murdered, and as a cover up hang on the tree! He has been very vocal against corruption and land grabbing in Kayunga. We hope investigations will be done independently to establish the real cause of this shocking incident.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.

More on the story to follow.

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