Renowned traditional healer Sylvia Namutebi largely known as Maama Fiina has warned people against use of different plant stems and leaves for steaming as some are attached to bad spirits.

The traditional healer warns that Ugandans who are desperate to use any green plant for steaming so as to treat covid 19 may end up in trouble. Maama Fiina says that some plants are not good for human use as they are attached to certain bad spirits which may end up possessing people.

She adds that it will be unfortunate for a person trying to treat covid and instead run mad or become possessed by bad spirits that may cause problems for him and his family.

“Some of these plants you see are not good. Dont just use any plant you find. You need to consult before you use them otherwise you will get problems.” She said

Maama Fiina said she will come out with a list of plants that are fit to be used for steaming and those for squeeze juice out of so as people dont fall in the trap of bad spirits.

The spiking covid 19 cases in Uganda have worried so many Ugandans who have opted to use anything green to either steam or boil and drink so as to treat covid 19.

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