A day into the newly announced total lockdown, security forces in the Kampala Metropolitan area have swung into action and impounded thousands of Boda Bodas (motorcycles) from riders who deviated from the presidential directive. At Sir Apollo Kaggwa road in Kampala, police erected barricades in the early morning hours and arrested Boda cyclists carrying passengers. Cyclists had woken up as early as 5am to take passengers to work.

In the previous night address, Gen. Museveni made it clear that effective June, 19, no Boda Boda or vehicle would be allowed on the road save for those which carry only the sick passengers. Museveni said exception for road usage is to be granted to strictly those with passengers who are in grave health conditions and permission shall be granted with those who present proof of illness. “All public and private transport has been frozen with immediate effect,” Museveni said. “Exception is for those carrying the sick. The sick shall be taken to hospital at their own costs and not on government money. If you lie about your health, you shall be penalized heavily. We shall not take you to our prison to eat free food.,” he warned.

“LCI, health workers or RDCa shall clear the sick,” he said. “Those Kikuubo places are very dangerous and must be closed. Only food markets should remain open and vendors should sleep there in the markets,” he added.

Key picks from M7 address


Food market vendors should camp at their places of work. The ministry of health can give them free bed nets so that they are not bitten by mosquitoes. We (guerrilla fighters ) used to sleep in the bush.


KagutaMuseveni: Some people are not adhering to curfew hours (9pm to 5:30am) and as such, the curfew time throughout the country is pulled back to 7pm – 5:30am

Boda Bodas

Boda bodas in Kampala metropolitan (Kampala and Wakiso) will only be allowed to transport cargo. Why? Because we want people to stay at home. This virus does not transport itself. It’s transported by you. We are killing ourselves.

Churches and temples of worship

You don’t have to go to church to pray. You can pray from home. I always see Mama (@JanetMuseveni) watching & praying on TV. There are some Nigerians which Mama always watches. So why do you have to expose your people to the risks of gatherings?

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