The Uganda Prisons service mouthpiece, Frank Baine insists that he is unapologetic as far as the maltreatment meted out on members of the National Unity Platform party in Kitalya prison is concerned. Baine fumes at the fact that the newly bailed NUP members have explained and exposed the misconduct of prisons authorities who handle human beings like animals in a kraal.

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Baine who spoke to the media says prison is not a safari park where people go to satisfy their leisure. “When you come to our prisons, we must take you through a thorough check where we even undress you. We have to detect any unauthorized items that you may hide inside your body,” Baine explained. “Nubian Li and Eddie Mutwe thought we would treat them like celebrities. In prisons we have no VIP. We treat everyone equally that is why we cut off their beards and hair,” he adds.

An embittered Baine also says that NUP supporters are renowned drug dealers who could have contaminated their prison. “You know very well how these boys have drugs and marijuana,” Baine told media. “So you wanted us to keep quiet as they smuggled drugs to Kitalya?,” he asks.

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