Emerging reports indicate that president Museveni has directed an immediate reduction of funds to the youths groups and the elderly in a bid to reallocate money for the covid emergency relief for the vulnerable.

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In the new arrangements eavesdropped to this site, the Office of the Prime Minister resolved that every family of 5 will get UGX 100,000 and this money will go to people in the most affected sectors like Boda Boda, taxi, salons, and arcades. The money is to go to people living in Kampala and Wakiso districts.

The committee says some people have bought new sim cards to look vulnerable and therefore special consideration is to be given to simcards that have existed before the lockdown.

At least UGX 20b has been allocated to support the scheme as government struggles to get domestic and foreign funds.

The OPM added that the National planning authority and UBOS is to guide on which groups are vulnerable. In Kampala, the Ministry of gender and KCCA have been tasked to look into the vulnerable groups

“We shall get the money from the budget,” Chris Baryomunsi. He adds that they are to review the FY 2021-22 budget to reallocate some of the money to Covid.

He says food was costly in terms of procurement and administrative costs in the 2020 lockdown which is why they are looking at the mobile money scheme.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has laughed at the govt plans saying the money is too little. “You can’t give a family 100k to take them for 42 days.” He adds, “People’s needs are too much for that little money to handle.”

Lukwago even says the taskforce should revise the process and ensure that the right groups get the money. He adds that parliament should pass the money.

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