A section of Ugandans have taken to social media to celebrate the leaked rumours of president Museveni’s ill health. Posts and comments are being shared across social media platforms with people backing the allegation with an audio clip retrieved from one of the city radio stations where the presenters claim the president has been airlifted in critical condition.

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“The president is in a critical state and has been airlifted for treatment,” the presenter continuously says. Other multiple sources assert that the president and his son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba have been flown out for treatment. Ekyooto coud not independently verify the acclaim by the time of filing this report meaning it is still speculative and unconfirmed.

The clip has continuously made rounds on social media leaving Ugandans in mass jubilations. Several NUP bloggers are continuously posting the acclaims insinuating that their political nemesis, Tibuhaburwa Museveni could be bedridden.

However, while the allegations continue to gain pace, no government media outlet or official has come out to disregard it. The known government mouthpiece, Ofwono Opondo Opodel is also said to be critically ill and bedridden.

We are yet to ascertain the acclaim from a conclusive statement probably to be issued by Sunday morning hours.

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