The opposition Forum for Democratic Change party says it is likely to institute heavy punishments on its 7 members of parliament who accepted the ministerial duties in the shadow cabinet constituted by the Leader of opposition, Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba of the National Unity Platform party.

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FDC’s Ssemujju shifts failure blame to Bobi, NUP

Addressing media this Sunday morning, the FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says they were not engaged in round table talks prior to the issuance of appointments to their MPs.

“NUP should have involved us in talks prior to those arragements. As FDC we received no communication from NUP on the constitution of the coalition opposition government,” Ssemujju says. “We have always sanctioned them for talks but they keep opposing. What they just did breaches our FDC constitution. Our MPs cannot be appointed without the consent and approval of the party,” he adds.

Political pundits say that FDC’s anger and Ssemujju’s in particular not only stems from the concluded speaker polls where NUP backed a different candidate but also the fact that the opposition dynamics have tilted in favour of a new wave dubbes NUP. The FDC has vowed to engage its members to reject the shadow cabinet slots.

Rebutting to the developments, NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi says they engaged the appointed FDC MPs on individual basis since it is not mandatory for the party to endorse its members for the shadow government positions. Ssenyonyi adds that NUP has for a while pushed for unity with all opposition forces, efforts that the FDC has routinely watered down and disregarded strongly.

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