The Kampala city RCC Hudu Hussein has proposed flogging of defiant Kampala city dwellers who flout COVID-19 guidelines. Speaking to police officers who man the presidential directives regulating movements in wake of the soaring covid cases, Hudu proposed that the only way people would listen is only if they are flogged.

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Kampala RCC Hudu Hussein in hot soup over Covid and Myoga funds

“If you want Ugandans to listen to you, just apply force. Beat them up,” Hudu told police officers. “If they become aggressive, you have the guns and you know what to use them for. Shoot at them, we shall defend you,” he added.

RCC Hudu further cautioned all Kampala City division mayors against hosting council sessions in the 42 lockdown period. “We directed you to use virtual means. If parliament can close, what is a mere council?,” he asked. “Don’t provoke us into using excess measures. We will raid those council sessions and disperse attendants. Division mayors will be arrested if they don’t adhere to this directive. Convene zoom meetings instead of physical meetings,” he advised.

Hudu further commended the former Jinja RDC Erik Sakwa Samuel who was indicted for misuse of his office to violate people’s rights to the point of causing loss of life. “Sakwa was right. These Ugandans just don’t want to listen. They understand once they are beaten,” he said.

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