The Minister for information, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has come out to warn Ugandans against declaring the head of state, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa dead.

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Speaking at the Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday, Dr. Baryomunsi said that government is to take action on all thoae who are behind the news of Museveni’s ‘death’. He declared that president  Museveni is in good health and that on Monday he made an appearance before a cabinet meeting. “I wonder where they got the idea of this fake news,” Baryomunsi said. ”The president has even showed up in Matugga on Tuesday for the MoH project,” he asserts.

Baryomunsi discouraged Ugandans from following online platforms that feed them with false content. “Ugandans should stop misusing social media,” he said. “I’ve seen them posting that the president is dead which is not true. You have seen him on television officiating projects,” he added.

Allegations of Museveni’s death spread like a wildfire last week following a tweet from neighbouring Kenya that indicated that he had been spotted at a high end hospital in Nairobi. More details surfaced that the president had been secretly airlifted to Germany for treatment and that he is under the watch of his European based sister, Dr. Violet Kajubiri. Government has since disregarded the reports as false. Even when president Museveni is seen on live TV broadcasts officiating projects, Ugandans are being made to believe that it is old pre-recorded video clips emerging to give the public and impression that he is in good health.

Government now says they are to take action on whoever is behind the news.

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