Former presidential candidate of the Forum for Democratic Change party has today given his take on the ongoing lockdown. In a presser he held at his Katonga road based offices, Besigye was accompanied  by the city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and his deputy Nyanjura Doreen.

According to the political doyen, the NRM government has deliberately mismanaged the covid crisis as highlighted in the extracts below;


Let us protect essential workers whose work makes them more vulnerable. The work of the health workers requires them to be protected. Let us protect the teachers.

Vaccinate the teachers and let education continue, students are either way not eligible for vaccines since they are below 18 years.

This thing (COVID-19) is not going away tomorrow, the third wave will be stronger. There will even be a 4th wave. That’s why we emic.

If this laissez-faire situation of managing the pandemic continues, let’s also lockdown these people.

The only way we are going to get out of this discriminatory situation is by our own action. We must protest what is going on. This discriminatory approach must be dealt with, the call is up to the marginalized to deal with this.

Part of the reason these variants are affecting younger people is simply because the immunity of the young has also been affected.

What will be changed after the 42 days? People are not being vaccinated, the capacity to deal with the sick has not changed. The end of lockdown will be the start of illness and death.

What it means is some kind of lockdown will continue and people will continue to become weaker and weaker. It is reckless for a country to remain on this path.

As we talk, there is no known comprehensive plan for dealing with this situation. One gets a sense that there is a lack of full understanding of the gravity of the situation we are dealing with.

What continues in place is what we have been criticizing. The government wants to continue managing the pandemic in the same discriminatory way they manage state affairs.

Three weeks into the lockdown and no one in the central part of the country has received the social welfare support.

The privileged are not locked down, you go on the streets and see. It is the ordinary person who faces the brunt of what these measures provide.

You have disabled people and aged people who aren’t catered for. What these lockdown measures are doing is weakening the marginalized people on a daily and exposing them to the possibility of being killed by anything else like malaria, infections, etc.

We need to protect the most vulnerable and they are not many, this has been one of the saving factors in Africa. The elderly are not many.

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