The Ministry of Health officials are again in the spotlight after fresh investigations show they have been silently selling Covid vaccines to city traders. It should be noted that the Ministry of Health authorities have been calling on Ugandans who received the first jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine to wait on longer or consider going for another vaccine version, something that health experts say can afflict damage on the people.

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An investigation conducted by one of the Ugandan leading newspapers has established that the permanent secretary to the MoH Dr. Diana Atwine and her accomplice Dr. Emmanuel Ainebyoona (PR of MoH) are secretly approaching city tycoons to improvise a ready market for the vaccines.

A story in one of the Ugandan papers exposes the dirty deals between MoH officials and city traders

Earlier last month after decrying a shortage, Uganda received free Covid vaccines from the French Embassy in Kampala which had lobbied for them from the Paris administration of Emmanuel Macron. The donation came after an outcry by the Dr. Diana Atwine who in a CNN interview with Larry Madowo claimed that wealth nations have been hoarding vaccines in a deliberate attempt to deprive the struggling nations like Uganda.

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