The head of the Government Assurance Committee also Mukono municipality MP and a sworn member of the National Unity Platform party, Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke has rejected proposals to engage president Museveni.

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The suggestion was made by one of the MPs who sits on the Government Assurance Committee, Hon. Betty Chelain who urged Nambooze to bow down and engage president Museveni as dictated by some of the notions of her new office. Nambooze however says she does not have to meet Museveni since there are other officials who can speak on behalf of his government. According to Nambooze, it is totally wrong for Museveni to think that he shall be omnipresent in all matters regarding his government as if there are no permanent secretaries and ministers to respond to some matters.

The same Nambooze on Tuesday directed the new clerk to parliament Adolf Mwesigye to ask all Members of Parliament to table all the pledged made by president Museveni for easy monitoring during her tenure as the Government Assurance Committee head. Nambooze says Museveni has made it a tendency to give people false hopes in terms of pledges. She adds that the pledged have already surpassed UGX 70 trillion in value.

It shoud be recalled that while they convened for a party retreat in Jinja, NUP MPs agreed to denounce the leadership of president Museveni and his government declaring that it is ‘illegitimate’. All NUP MPs swore an oath of allegiance to only the leadership of Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert aka Bobi Wine as their official president.

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