The Kampala central business district has turned into a police barracks after RCC Hudu Hussein ordered for reinforcement as he continues to battle with defiant vendors who have vowed to reopen their shops in malls and arcades. RCC Hudu insists that no vendor should risk reopening their shops till their malls or arcades are given a clearance certificate.

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“The President opened arcades and Kikuubo on condition that some standards are met. Unless the set standards are adhered to, we will not give any arcade owner a certificate of compliance,” Hudu vows.

“We have a monitoring checklist to see whether there’s a temperature gun and handwashing facility at the entrance. Our actions as people of Kampala and generally that will determine whether we get into a third wave or not,” he adds.

Hudu furher adds that taxis and Boda Bodas are to operate if they observe SOPs. “We held a meeting with the taxi leadership and agreed that they will operate at half capacity. Every stage should also have a temperature gun,” he says.

However, vendors insist that they will work as directed by the president in his Friday address. “Why is the RCC and the Minister making their own decisions yet the president asked us to return to work?,” Kibuule a vendor at Mini price wonders. “Hudu should know that we have suffered already in these 42 days. We have our own challenges like rent and our children need to eat,” he adds.

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