Reports jetting in from Istanbul suggest that renowned Ugandan-Turkish based blogger Kajjubi Fred Lumbuye was on Tuesday night arrested by a special security team from Kampala.

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According to other NUP leaning bloggers who are familiar with the development, the blogger was kidnapped in an operation that was influenced by the Ugandan head of state Gen. Yoweri Museveni. Diaspora based Ugandans say Lumbuye was kidnapped by a security team from Kampala liaising with the Ugandan embassy in Istanbul. Four men captured on CCTV surveillance footage were seen abducting Lumbuye.

No official statement regarding his arrest has been released yet but it is said his visa documents had expired. “He notified the embassy to renew his documents but the Ugandan ambassador summoned him for a physical engagement which he declined,” Ireland based vlogger Kojja Omugezi says. “I urge all Ugandans to flood the Turkish embassy and demand for his release. We should not allow the dictatorship to cross over to the diaspora,” he adds.

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