By MP Zaake

“When we arrived in the republic of Turkey we were hopeful that our joint efforts to reclaim the freedom of comrade Kajjubi Fred Lumbuye would yield. We had to first establish the entire gist of the matter and assess the situation on ground but of course this would not be achieved by us on our own but rather with the indulgence of our NUP coordinators within Istanbul. In our modus operandi as NUP, we are supposed to respect the existing structures within the countries to which we travel which is why we had to work behind the curtains and on the frontline but with the NUP Turkish team in the lead. Our comrades here briefed us and the secretariat on what steps we were to take. We hired an international human rights lawyer to mitigate the extradition efforts and rather push for the granting of asylum documents to our comrades so he could be taken to a safer haven in another European country or North America.

We tirelessly followed up and engaged the concerned Turkish authorities to establish what had inspired the eventual arrest of our comrade. We were since briefed that he was incarcerated on the command of the Dictator which imposed trumped charges meant to silence his resolve. We did not relent in our efforts to ensure his freedom. Our lawyer wrote to the Turkish attorney and laid a series of humanitarian and political grounds that would implore Turkey to heed to our prayer of either granting comrade Lumbuye a resident permit to stay within or consent to his asylum to another willing country which in this case was Netherlands where the paperwork of asylum had even been concluded.

A letter written in Turk shows legal efforts to block the extradition of blogger Lumbuye

“The point we need to explain is that for our client to be permitted to get asylum in the Netherlands since procedures have been started in that country,” reads line 5 of our petition to the Turkish esteemed Directorate under the Attorney’s office.

We had laid out a series of factors penned down by our Turkish lawyer who wrote our demands originally in their mother tongue. The letter was penned down in the Turkish language.

As a party we solidly and overtly stood against the extradition. We were against the Museveni regime’s plans to take Lumbuye to Uganda for trial. We have all acted in accordance to our means. What we need to advocate for at the moment is that our comrade regains his freedom. Let each of us act within our capacities to see that the regime is overwhelmed. We must not relent because this is not the time to do so. Continue to press for his freedom till the regime spits him out of their hands.”

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