National Unity Platform President and 2021 Presidential candidate Hon Kyagulanyi Robert has termed Gen Museveni to be the real pandemic of Uganda other than Covid. Bobi bases on the hypocrisy exhibited by the veteran dictator for presiding over a 36 year reign of terror that has seen thousands of dissenting voices brutally suppressed with an iron fist.

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Speaking today to the media at his Wakiso based Magere mansion, a furious Kyagulanyi lashed out at the telegenic despot Museveni saying that he is the cause of the suffering of many Ugandans. Kyagulanyi adds that one day he will have to pay for his sins.

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Kyagulanyi adds that he is the right and legitimate President of Uganda not Museveni who overthrew the will of the people by rigging the election and using the gun to cement his stay in power.

Kyagulanyi also added that Museveni’s words of saying that his govt does not believe and tolerate torture are just a mask up to impress the international community that has exerted alot of pressure on him for over violating the rights of people.

Kyagulanyi also asked Ugandans to keep calm and wait because Museveni’s days and numbered and soon the people’s choice will occupy the Presidential seat.

“Museveni is a worse pandemic than Covid. He has killed so many Ugandans than Covid and one day, he will be answerable for all the bad he has done. His only choice is to surrender as soon as possible.” Kyagulanyi roared

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