The first contigent of Afghan refugees have this Wednesday morning arrived at Entebbe airport. The number of evacuees is 51 far less than the earlier communicated 500, a factor as per the Foreign Affairs Ministry press statement attributed to the state of security in the troubled Middle East nation.

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It is said that the Taliban militants have engulfed the airport in Kabul to frustrate fleeing people from reaching the airport.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry says even Ugandans who were to board the flight were hampered from reaching the secured chartered flight.

A press release from the Foreign Affairs Ministry

The first contigent is to be evacuated to hotels and apartments within Entebbe town. They have been screened for Covid as a prerequisite to admission.

Some credible sources say the reason why the figure shrinked is due to the Washington last minute turn on the funding after they suspected their Kampala counterparts to unleash their usual corruption tendencies.

US statement on the first Afghan evacuees to Uganda

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