At least one person has died and another critically injured in Luweero district after a trigger happy Local Defence Unit personnel opened fire allegedly in an operation to enforce observation of curfew.

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The UPDF and police have already confirmed the tragedy and say they are to kick start the investigations and have their officers apprehended.

“One of our LDU officers has shot and injured one person and killed another on the spot. We have started off our investigations,” one army chief close to the development revealed to this reporter. “One of them is still at large but we are hopeful to find him soon. That’s all I can share with you,” he added.

Locals on the scene who spoke to this online newspaper say the trouble was ignited by the LDU’s extortionist tendencies as they tried to solicit for bribes from those they had arrested.

“We were tied on ropes and these LDU started asking for money to release us. Some who had the money paid and were set free. Those who didn’t have money tried to run away but they were shot,” a local says. “One of those fleeing was unfortunately shot in the buttocks and another who died on the spot when the bullet hit him in the head. We engaged the DPC who pledged to make investigations,” he added.

Brig. Flavia Byekwaso confirmed the news and said the army is investigating circumstances under which the LDU lost their cool. “Yes we have also heard about the regrettable incident and we shall take action on all those involved,” she said this morning.

The LDU forces have been in the spotlight over their excess use of force and abuse of the rights of Ugandans. They have been killing with impunity and walking away scot free since the start of the 2020 lockdown.

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