There are more nightmares roaming in dozens of homesteads in Masaka region as panga wielding men continue to butcher the locals. On Saturday evening, at least two people were killed by the assailants who fled unhurt. Maria Nakato, a 70 year old and Henry Kirembe an 80 year old are the latest victims of the sharp edged machetes of these unknown assailants.

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Credible information shows that after the assailants killed Mr Henry Kirembe, they carried his dead body into his sitting room where the mourners could easily find it without hustling. This all shows these assailants had all the time to leave clues at the crime scene.

On Saturday, President Museveni ordered for the compensation of families that lost their beloved ones to the assailants’s sharp pangas with 10m shillings and a yet to be disclosed figure to those that survived narrowly from being killed.

Police has embarked on the process of tracking down and arresting these ill fated killers who have turned greater Masaka into a ‘Massacre’. The security Minister Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi was instructed to pitch camp in the Masaka subregion which comprises 8 districts. RDCs and security chiefs for the 8 districts were also ordered to convene and lay strategies to end this bloodshed.

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