The NRM Government Spokesperson Mr Ofwono Opondo has come to say that there is a possibility that the ongoing killings by panga wielding men may be linked to political players who promised to use Plan B as a means to forcefully take power from the NRM.

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Opondo says that as government they cannot take words from such big political players lightly because they can do anything Possible to undermine the security of the country so as to cause panic among the population who will eventually lose trust in government.

Opondo adds that the intelligence organs should investigate the murders to the deepest as possible so as to find out if these killings especially in greater Masaka have nothing to do with the words of some politicians who vowed to use any means to take power having lost in the previous elections.

It is on record that FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye launched a project named Plan B which he said that it was the only avenue to take power from Gen Museveni after all constitutional means of peaceful change of power were closed by Gen Museveni.

Besigye claimed that it is not possible to defeat Museveni in an election because he uses state apparatus in his campaigns as well as influencing the outcomes of the elections since he controls the electoral Commission.

During his speech where he announced that he was not to stand in the 2021 Presidential polls, Besigye wished good luck to all those who were going to compete with Gen Museveni but for him he promised to use an alternative plan to grab power from the NRA leader.

The ongoing Bijambiya killings have left residents of greater Masaka in panic mode not sure if they can live for long. Leaflets have also been dropped in the various parts of the country something that has scared the population.

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