The Minister for internal affairs also an NRA bush war historical Maj. Gen Kahinda Otafiire has linked the Masaka carnage to the opposition National Unity Platform party which he says must be aware of what is transpiring in its stronghold.

Otafiire made the comments on Thursday night when he featured at the weekly NBS Frontline show. “You forget that when the NRM dominated Masaka, there were no killings. Someone else is in charge of Masaka politically,” Otafiire said in a veiled insinuation that NUP must explain the killings since it dominates the political offices in the district.

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Otafiire’s submission however prompted the DP president also a panelist on the show Nobert Mao to sarcastically fire at him.

“The Minister said when the NRM was in charge of Masaka, there were no killings. I think you are in charge of the whole country. If that is the case, then give Masaka independence,” he reacted.

Otafiire further supported Gen. Museveni for compensating the relatives of the victims of the killings.

“This malicious targeting of vulnerable people. Giving the families of Masaka murders victims money is compassionate support. We have done this before. We gave the people who died in the Northern bypass fuel tanker explosion because we felt security did not do enough to warn them about the danger of getting close to the tanker,” he said.

“Won’t people bash their grandmother’s so that they can get money?,” moderator Charles Mwanguhya asked. “If you do that, then you should be taken to Butabika,” Kahinda Otafiire replied.

Nganda steps in

Kiira municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda gave Otafiire a hard time on the show and almost made him lose his cool. The FDC strongman persistently mocked and ridiculed the arrogant Otafiire in a bid to raise his temper.

“The Otafiires want to shift blame. During elections, there was deployment everywhere; even those who were in Somalia were brought. They went to Masaka after we had spoken,” Nganda retorted. “Stop wanting to take credit where it is not due. We discussed with my deputy, and he went to Masaka, Otafiire replied.

“The supply of security that Otafiire talks about went after a month. He must give credit to those who put him under pressure to go and do his work,” Nganda said.

Nganda taunts Otafiire

“The Otafiires are very difficult to believe. They like lying a lot and arresting. I am used to the way they act. Once there is public pressure, that is what they do. If you are unable to protect the people of Masaka, give them guns to protect themselves. Somewhere they use guns to graze cattle, you saw Rukutana. Otafiire, you have committed terrorism yourselves. You fought a government. I am surprised you still don’t know the motive of the Bijambiya. You should be acting first as generals. If you can’t, then we rather have civilians. I highly doubt the Masaka killings are political. Government should find out whether it is and, if so, why people have resorted to that.

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