A newly conducted investigations by one of the leading daily newspapers has pinned the prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja and the NRM Chief whip Thomas Tayebwa in a nepotism siesta. The duo have reportedly filled their offices with their own children, relatives and members of their lineage.

According to the same newspaper, Nabbanja’s office is fully occupied with her own tribemates from Bunyoro, a tendency that shows the Minister is selective when it comes to ethnicity and tribes. On the other hand, Thomas Tayebwa swore over his dead body never to employ a person from the Ganda tribe. His aides say the first gatepass to Tayebwa’s office is being fluent in Runyankole or hailing from western Uganda.

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Full Nabbanja office job list

1) Kasana Washington kakembo Adyeri _ principle policy analyst,
He’s paternal cousin to Hon prime minister Nabanjja.

2) Nakasumba Faridah _ Senior liason officer .
She’s biological daughter to Nabanjja.

3) Namata Gorreti _ Liason assistant.
She’s biological daughter to Madam prime minister.

4) Aranaitwe Bright Bukyanagandi _Senior liason officer.
He’s close relative to Hon prime minister Nabanjja.

5) Muhumuza D Daniel _policy analyst.
He’s biological Brother to Government chief whip.

6) Muruhura Moses _ office assistant.
He’s Uncle to government chief whip

7) Muheebwa Annah _ Policy analyst .
She’s niece to Government chief whip.

8) Kyarisima Catherine _ office assistant .
Niece to director OLGB.

It should be recalled that recently the president Gen. Yoweri Museveni was quoted saying that he shall employ children of the wealthy and influential as a measure of minimizing and curbing corruption in his government.

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