Below are excerpts from Bobi’s interview with Baba TV this Tuesday morning;

“There is nothing for us to move on. We can not move on while the oppression and impunity are still here. We can not move on while thousands of our supporters are still being held under illegal detention across various detention facilities under the command of Mr. Museveni. We can not move on well knowing that we were robbed of our victory courtesy to the power of the guns.

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We made it clear to the people that our struggle isn’t going to be a sprint but rather a marathon. In the elections, we succeeded at exposing Museveni and his brutal regime. We are now into the next phase of our struggle . People asserted their voices and voted for us into power. All our energies are now directed on how we are going to get where we rightfully belong because Ugandans did trust us with their mandate.

For our struggle to be a success, it’s going to take all Ugandans both here at home and in the diaspora to take upon themselves the responsibility to restore the rule of law and democracy in our country. This can be done in various ways by Ugandans abroad through engaging their respective governments to hold Museveni’s regime accountable as pre conditions of cooperation.

We are not people who are not dismissive. We are open to dialogue with anyone including Mr. Museveni. For all the years Museveni has been in charge of the this country, he has met with many various men and women who are well researched than me. They have presented to him well researched ideas in the best interests of our country but sadly, none has ever been implemented to date. So it would be a waste of time for us to meet and dialogue with him on policies because we know very well, nothing will be put into action. There is absolutely nothing for Kyagulanyi and Museveni to discuss . This is a national matter which should not be reduced to two people.Museveni has got two options on the table when he meets its competitors. Your either forcefully submit to his demands or he will coopt you which I Kyagulanyi cannot do. I can only be part of a meaningful dialogue.”

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