Mukono Municipality MP Hon Betty Nambooze has asked the First Lady of Uganda who also doubles as Education Minister Hon Janet Kataaha Museveni to step down in good faith from the position of being Minsiter for Education and Sports.

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Nambooze who also chairs the Government Assurance Committee in parliament says that Hon Janet Museveni being the First Lady affects the education Ministry since the staff and her Junior Minsiters even fear to advise her on issues she may not be doing right in the Ministry.

Nambooze says that the education Ministry is a very sensitive Ministry in the country that requires one to be fully committed to serving it but also the people one works with should not leave in fear to fail to advise the person on what is write or wrong.

Nambooze’s words came after the First Lady failing to appear before the committee of government assurance saying that she was caught up with so many other important activities hence sending her junior Minister Dr J.C Muyingo.

In a written letter, Hon Janet Museveni said she could not make it to the meeting because she was at the same time going to meet funders who wish to construct football stadiums for Uganda in every region of the country.

Nambooze also says that it has been discovered that Hon Janet Kataaha is among the Ugandans who get double salaries from the consolidated fund by the virtue of being the First Lady and at the same time being the Minister of Education which is against the law.

She says she advises Hon Janet to step aside as education Minister because it can not be good if she divorces Gen Museveni all in the vein of wanting to remain a Minister.

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