The Prime Minister Rt. Hon Robinah Nabbanja has come out to say that mafias will not manage to assassinate her because she will well guarded by the security forces.

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Nabbanja was answering back to a question by a journalist who asked her to give details on her earlier claims that she was being hunted down by Mafias.

“They cannot manage to kill me. I have over 30 security body guards. Am well protected by the state,” she responded to the question posed by a journalist.

Nabbanja adds that many corrupt officials who do shoddy works for government always contact her thinking she is too cheap to be bribed to let them go away with government money adding that she can not be corrupted.

“The one who supplied fake blankets to Kasese people thought he would go away with it. He tried to go through my relatives to convince me but he failed. I fired him,” Nabbanja adds.

Nabbanja adds that she is a hands on Prime Minsiter who can walk on foot, use a boda boda or anything to reach the people and thus People should expect even better things from government because she is in the driving seat. She was recently seen serving money to a queue of people in a video clip that has enveloped social media platforms.

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