The Democratic Party President general, Hon. Nobert Mao has come out to make it clear that the DP which he leads is not part of Dr. Kizza Besigye’s new pressure group dubbed People s’ Front for Transition.

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Mao acknowledges that it is true that Besigye consulted him prior about joining the new pressure group aimed at ousting President Museveni. He however says that as a party they haven’t yet clearly seen their role neither have they clearly seen the direction of the group which renders the entire front a total joke.

Mao adds that those who claimed to be DP members who were part of the launch the likes of Lubega Mukaaku, Kenneth Paul Kakande and Micheal Mabbike are mere schemers who are fond of causing confusion and distablizing situations wherever they go.

Mao also adds that he warned Bobi Wine while these fellows were joining NUP mockingly saying that it is good he also saw what they are capable of.

Mao asserts it that DP is not part of this pressure group. However he says as a party, many meetings are being held to make a final decesion over the matter though chances of embracing it are heavily minimal.

Mao has since time never embraced the radical approach of Dr. Besigye. He also questions Besigye’s credibility and trust having urged him in 2016 not to register for a National ID which was mandatory for presidential nominations and surprisingly he (Besigye) went on to register yet he discouraged Mao from obtaining an ID with NIRA.

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