Cabinet Minister of the ruling NRM government have consented to the removal of bail for people on capital offences, credible sources indicate. In a special cabinet meeting which sat over the weekend, ministers unanimously resolved to side with Gen. Museveni on having bail scrapped for suspects on capital offences.

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Pundits have however warned those in favour of the draconian amendments will at some point fall prey to the same.

Cabinet on Friday also ended the Police Act to deny suspects on capital offences bail and police bond. Sources say none of the ministers objected to the development in fear of clashing with president Museveni who has the powers to reshuffle any of the cabinet members.

The ministers singled out suspects on rape, murder, treason, aggravated robbery among others to endorse the reforms. They argued that people who attain bail tend to spark anger within the communities where they live.

Each of the ministers was given a podium to echo out their views and surprisingly all of them were in favour of the amendments. The Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka who was also in the session guided on how the proposed constitutional amendments would he achieved.

He guided that Article 23(b) of the constitution shall include a clause that the suspect shall not obtain bail till at least 180 days on remand. He also proposed bond denial within 48 hours till a suspect is arraigned to court.

Now that cabinet has given its take on the reforms, the next stop over shall be parliament where lawmakers are expected to vote on the reforms. In a house where the ruling NRM party has majority seats, chances are high that they shall vote in favour of their party chairman Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

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