Frank Baine the Uganda Prisons Service spokesperson has refuted claims that the Kawempe North law maker Muhammad Ssegirinya was tortured by warders at Kigo prison.

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Baine who was appearing at one of the Television shows this Wednesday morning says that as the prison service, their role is to rehabilitate inmates and ensure that their rights are protected.

It has never been in our interest that we torture our family members. Yes, Hon. Ssegirinya is sick, and we are treating him for as long as he is with us, many times, we receive these inmates from court when they are already sick,” he stated. “Our warders bear names on their uniforms. It is very easy for an inmate to identify who has tortured him or her,” he added.

However, city Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who was also on the panel said Baine is just being dishonest citing several stances when inmates are arraigned in court with fresh wounds on their bodies to signify the torture they are subjected to.

‘I want to make a general statement. All government detention facilities, whether gazetted or ungazetted, torture people, you (Baine) are being cagey. That is dishonesty of the highest order,” Lukwago said.

It should be well noted that during his recent court appearance from Kigo, MP Ssegirinya demostrated the torture wounds afflicted on him allegedly by the prisons warders at Kigo prison where he has been detained for over a month.

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